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Sorting pivot tables (New Vizlib pivot table)

Hello all,

I'm looking for a fully sortable pivot table but haven't had any luck. Ideally, a user in the visualization mode could sort by any of the columns, in either ascending/descending order. For example, one user might want to sort the table by the second column ("fatos velhos") in ascending order while a different user may want to sort  the table by the last column ("orçamento final") in descending order:


Using the standard Qlik pivot table, I can "pre sort" the table a certain way but once I visualize the table, I can't change the order.

I just downloaded the new Vizlib pivot table and unfortunately I've got the same problem.

With the Vizlib straight table, I can enter the vizualization mode and sort by any column simply by clicking on the headers:

Column "Valor" Ascending


Column "Valor" Descending


However, the headers in both the standard pivot table and the Vizlib version aren't "clickable".

Has anyone seen a solution to this problem (or maybe a good extension)? Am I simply missing something obvious?

It seems like a pretty glaring flaw to not be able to sort a pivot table in vizualization mode. It's for a client meeting that needs to be dynamic ("now let me see who has the biggest X"), and the inability to sort is making it so Qlik loses out to a good old Excel spreadsheet.

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Re: Sorting pivot tables (New Vizlib pivot table)

In the Vizlib Pivot Table, you can sort by dimensions but not yet by measures. This will be made available in the next releases in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Re: Sorting pivot tables (New Vizlib pivot table)

Hi Iam facing the same problem .I want to get the Top N values for which I have a filter with values namely ,Top 5 ,top 10 , Top 25 ETC .I have introduced rank field into the pivot table so that a condition can be used to link the filter and the pivot table fields .But I dont know how to put this in qliksense and where to .


Please help.Stuck with this for a couple of weeks .