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Spaces at the end of a string Dimension in QlikSense



I would like to conditionally add a space after a dimension value in a table object, and to be able to maintain this space when exporting the table to Excel.


I have not faced any problem doing this in QlikView, but it seems that QlikSense is erasing the space when exporting the table to Excel. Or at least is not adding it in the object.


What I have done both in QV & QS:

1. Load two ID:






2. Add the following expression as Dimension of a table object:


=if(ID_Space='E01922741',ID_Space&' ',ID_Space)


, and a count(ID_Space) as Expression and export it to Excel:


I have successfully exported the space after E01922741 ID in QV, but not in QS.



Does any of you faced this issue also? I would appreciate if you could provide me an alternative way to successfully add that space.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Spaces at the end of a string Dimension in QlikSense


Looking to a way to remonve ( and not add) a space at yhe end of a string , I found your post 

It does not help me but 

In Qlik Sense 

do like this 


it may woks fine 

chr(32) is the unicode for space