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Stacked bar chart segregating time

i want to built stacked bar chart...right now i have created bar chart with dimension date...and expression with count of distinct  no. of session id..but now i want to create stacked bar chart in such a way that each bar will show in and out time..for that how can i retrieve the time from date n if retried the time..how to segregate it intime & outtime..intime is like time between 9 to 17 as it follows 24hrs  clock..and the out time is viceversa..

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Re: Stacked bar chart segregating time

Could you please post sample data set
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Re: Stacked bar chart segregating time


     Take a Bar chart, take date as a Dimension and take two measures {Intime & Out time} but It's indeed not possible to display the values for each measure in a stacked bar chart, for that their is a extension. Use "Bar Plus" Extension.

for better understanding follow this URL:-