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Stop gray colour when making selection (QlikSense)

Hi Qlik Community

I need a graph not to change when a selection/filter is made, but I am having trouble keeping colours on the graph. Let's take a simple case of a visualisation with 2 Dimensions (Year and Name) and 1 Measure (Ratio):

Graphs with no selection (i.e. wanted outcome in all cases):

Graph with no Selection.png

Graph when one of its dimensions -[Name]- is filtered (current case to fix):

Graph with Selection.jpg

My current formula is with a simple set analysis: Avg({1} [Measure1]).

I have tried different variations, but I cannot seem to get the colours to stay "colourful" and not go gray.

Any ideas?



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Re: Stop gray colour when making selection (QlikSense)

How you have set colors?

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Re: Stop gray colour when making selection (QlikSense)

Hey, both AUTO or By Dimension -> [Name] give the same result in this case.