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Straight Table Set Analysis

Hello Community,

is it possible to get a value from a dimension within a straight table to be used in the set analysis of the measure that corresponds to it?


The Measure is  sum({<YEAR = {2017},BRAND1={'b1'}>}NUMBER_OF_REGISTRATIONS)

So the G/L measure would be for each line:

Line 1: sum({<YEAR = {2017},BRAND1={'b1'}, Sales Area Code= {260}>}NUMBER_OF_REGISTRATIONS)

Line 2: sum({<YEAR = {2017},BRAND1={'b1'}, Sales Area Code= {310}>}NUMBER_OF_REGISTRATIONS)


This is part of a larger calculation, though i need only this part to be filtered down by the specific Sales Area Code.


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Re: Straight Table Set Analysis

If you have Sales Area Code as a dimension, doesn't it already showing the value associated with the Sales Area Code it belongs to... I wonder why would you need set analysis for something like this?

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