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Stream and User access for App

I have a situation:

I have 3 users, 3 app and I want each app to be shown to relevant user only.

How can i do this?

Do I need to create my own stream/customer and/or customer properties etc?

Is there any Qlik Sense Document on this?

Please help.



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Re: Stream and User access for App

Hi Muhammad,

I would create three separate streams and publish each app to the corrisponding stream. After that grant access to each user to only one stream.

Hope it helps. Let me know.

Best regards,


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Re: Stream and User access for App

create 3 streams in case all 3 apps fall into different categories (eg: Sales,Income &Products) and write security rules on top of 3 streams.

if you can put all 3 in one stream, write a security rule that satisfies your requirement.

Security rules - https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Subsystems/ManagementConsole/Content/apply-access-ri...

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