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Subfield with 3 columns simultaneously

Hi everyone, I'm new with QlikSense, I have this info:


I'm looking for this result:


Can anybody help me?... I was trying with subfield function, but It doesn't work the way i want.

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Re: Subfield with 3 columns simultaneously

I couldn't find a logical pattern to get the result you required.

Maybe you can share with us what is the logic to achieve your end result?
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Re: Subfield with 3 columns simultaneously

There was a mistake. I've corrected the information.

I need it in order to search in another DB my clients connected to that infraestructure 

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Re: Subfield with 3 columns simultaneously

I'm struggling to find a pattern in your requirements

It looks like there are differing requirements depending on whether your columns are delimited with a hyphen, a comma, or a semicolon ( - ,  ; ).

Using a semicolon I can get a good match for DISTRIB = 2000, but things fall apart with DISTRIB = 3000

See the image below for the partial solution I found.