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Sum a value in a visualisation based on a dimension returned from user selection

I want to be able to return a sum of a value set for a dimension (which is not selected) but is linked to our user selected data.

I have a product which is used inside other products (Bill of Material)

ProductWhere used
Product 1Parent Product 1
 Parent Product 2
 Parent Product 3


When the user makes the selection of the main product I can show what stock is available for the selected product fairly simply.

We have a field available called physical_qty and I can show what I need there in the visualisation

What I would like to do is show the physical_qty of whichever Parent Product are connected to the user selected product.
So when a user selection is made, it will return a set of values of all possible Parent Products (if I configure the table visualisation to do so) I can't work out the syntax to show the physical quantity of the related products.

sum([Where used]physical_qty) is obviously not it.

Can anyone help please?