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Sum of last year sales to current calendar month


I am looking to create a table, with product category as the dimension, that will include a column for the sum of all sales of each product in the previous year only including months up to the latest calendar month in the data for this year. So if the most recent date in the entire dataset is July 2016, then the column would sum sales for each product from January through to July 2015.

My data looks like this:

Posting DateCategoryTotal Value

And my LOAD script like:



Month(Date([Posting Date])) as [Posting Month],

Year(Date([Posting Date])) as [Posting Year],

[Total Value],


FROM <filepath...>

I attach a data set that contains these data fields.

Desired outcome is:

CategorySum Sales in 2016Sum sales in same months in 2015

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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