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Sum of measures for last 6 months

I have multiple measures like revenue from product 1 , product 2 , product 3 for each month.

I have the details in the pivot table with the structure mentioned in the attachment.

I want to display a column with sum of last 6 month for each measure.

Any suggestions will be of great help.

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Re: Sum of measures for last 6 months

It sounds similar to rolling items into quarters, etc. for financials.

I did a quick search for the quarters, etc. in the community, but think that each are helpful (some qlikview, some similar topics).

I think it would be adding two measures: A) 1 being months 1  <= x <= 6, B) being months 7 <= x <= 12)

Community posts that may be helpful:

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Financial Quarter


Help Calculating Period-over-Period Growth


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Re: Sum of measures for last 6 months

Thanks Robert. I will check it out

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