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Sum of value where a = b expression

Hi Guys,

I am using qlik sense and want a combo chart that has two Measures.

The 2 measures I want are "Sum of value where Country = a" and "Sum of value where Country = b"

Currently Sum ({$<[conceptid]={'258'}>} string_value) is not working the 258 would be what changes.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Sum of value where a = b expression

Are you trying to sum up string values? That won't work. Try summing a numeric field. Something like Sum({<Country={'a'}>}SalesAmount)

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Re: Sum of value where a = b expression

Sorry the name is misleading, the string value is actually a number. I get the value on the groan however not the one that relates to the concept id. All I want is the "where" equivalent. So example sql would be select sales from table where country = France. I can get the sales but unable to get them to only pick the country using the expression I said first.