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Suppressing Nulls in Cyclic Dimensions

Hi Guys,

I have been using Qlikview for a year but am new to QlikSense.

I have created two cyclic dimensions that both appear in a pivot table, but I am having issues formatting them how I want.

The cyclic dimensions are created using:


load * inline [

Concat, Cgroup_Start, Cgroup_End

Filter1, prod1_start, prod1_end
Filter2, prod2_start, prod2_end
Filter3, prod3_start, prod3_end


This successfully creates the cyclic dimensions, creating a table with dimensions:

Date, prod(x)_start, prod(x)_end, count(customers), sum(revenue).

But, there are two issues.

(1) Logically, the x associated to the prod(x)_start and prod(x)_end will always be the same. I wanted to use Filter(x) in order to have just one filter pane for this but it does not work. Is there another work around?

(2) I am receiving lines where both "prod" fields are completely NULL or empty. If both of these fields are NULL or empty I do not want to show results. I have tried using a len(trim()) within my pick(match()) clause with no luck. Any solution for this?

I appreciate this is a very wordy question, but I attempted to trawl through forums to no avail!



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