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Tabs in QlikSense like Qlikview

Dear Community,

Can we have tabs in QlikSense. I aware there are extensions that can be used to emulate this functionality. Does Qliksense have a native built-in tabs ?



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Re: Tabs in QlikSense like Qlikview

The best I can suggest Out Of the Box is to use the KPI Object, in the Properties Panel accordion under Presentation use Link to sheet to set it up

This does not truly emulate the QlikView tabs, but its the best I can think of without resorting to bespoke extensions.

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Re: Tabs in QlikSense like Qlikview

Hi Ishaq,

I agree with you it would be nice to have them natively as the only extension I've found - at  this url  http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56d56e065b663ae4d63b028a - impacts responsiveness and performance of Sense.

My would guess would be that this was caused by loading all the data objects when you select the sheet rather than the specific tab.

To circumvent this I created new sheets and used  navigation buttons.

Hope this helps.