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Temporal evolution on an aggregated calculated dimension

Hi experts,

I can't find the right answer to create this object (see attached screenshot)

Data :

Grades by review by period

Review / Grade / Period

A / 0.75 / 201701

A / 0.86 / 201702

B / 0.63 / 201701

B / 0.70 / 201702

Object : Bar chart

Calculated Dimension : class(aggr($(vGlobalGrade),Type_review, Period),0.2) : ranges of different grades

Measures :

First :count of review in each range of grade on last period (seems to work fine)

----- = count(distinct {<$(vSetMaxPeriod_ID)>} Type_review)

Second : %Evolution of the count of review between last 2 periods

----- = (count(distinct {<$(vSetMaxPeriod_ID)>} Type_review)/count(distinct {<$(vSetMaxPeriod_ID_1)>} Type_review))-1

The second measure does not work properly.

Have you ever done this kind of object ?

Thank you for your help,


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