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The legend get cut off even the space is enough

Hi Team,

My customer experience this problem.  The legend gets cut off even there is enough space in the chart.  Please see the attached screenshot.

From our qlik help website, it mentions 'The legend is displayed if there is enough space. '



Show legend: Not available when Single color is selected. By default set to Auto. The legend is displayed if there is enough space. The placement can be changed in the Legend position setting.

Legend position: Select where to display the legend.

Show legend title: When selected, the legend title is displayed.


But from the attached screen shot, we can see there is enough space but the legend still gets cut off.  If the user resize the chart, the legend will show correctly.  This happens with Chrome.  With IE, it works fine. 

Could anyone help to see if this is a bug or configuration or working as per the design?  What could be the suggestion for the client?

Thank you a lot


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Re: The legend get cut off even the space is enough

I'm seeing a similar behavior in Chrome Only.  On initial page load, the the legend div is improperly scaling, leaving only the title for the legend.  This appears to be a chrome specific bug as I don't see this in Firefox or IE.  I'm on the June 2017 release.  The bug appears to have surfaced somewhere around the 3.2 release.  If you use the browser's zoom out and zoom in functionality, it may temporarily resolve the issue. Otherwise you may just need to use a different browser until the issue is resolved.2017-07-18 08_08_33-Sales Discovery - Top Customers _ Sheets - Qlik Sense.png

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