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Themes in Qlik Sense February 2018 - Limitations?

Dear all,

I have been experimenting with themes in the February 2018 (patch 1) release of Sense and I think I have found a few limitations, but perhaps the style settings are hidden somewhere that I haven't yet found, so I would appreciate any confirmation or additional information.

Table styling limitations.png

In the image above, you can see that the pivot table shows the smaller text, but the column width of the pivot table does not adjust to the smaller text size. Also, I cannot see any way of adjusting the padding or margin for the text box, for example.  Is there a way of adjusting these settings?

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Re: Themes in Qlik Sense February 2018 - Limitations?


i found same issue when applied my themes

Color not set to filter in small size but work like a charm when i resize filter pane to larger size

8-7-2018 4-06-01 PM.png

i'm using Qlik Sense June 2018


An Pham

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