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TimeStamp Column converted to General


i have encountered a problem using qliksense using Oracle 11g as my datasource. i have this data mart consisted of mostly Timestamp columns. somehow when i use data manager to load the data, qliksense recognize my Timestamp Columns as general and all of them converted to Number. any of you guys have encounterd the same problem? how is the way around for that because i have around 80 Columns and its quite a job to use timestamp function for all of the column one by one hehe.

thank you

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Re: TimeStamp Column converted to General

Well, timestamp values are actually just numbers. By marking a field as a Timestamp field you give a hint to Qlik Sense to treat the field as a timestamp instead of just a number. So it will apply the default timestamp format to it for you. I'm afraid that Qlik Sense isn't smarter than that at the moment. So, yes, you'll have to change the setting for each field from General to Timestamp yourself. Or just leave them as they are and do the formatting in the front end chart objects.

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Re: TimeStamp Column converted to General

well, its quite an effort ya. so still no way around for this ya? every table consisted timestamp columns we have to flag that as timestamp in qliksense again even in the original database the columns is in timestamp format?

is the Set Timestamp format in the beginning of load script has anything to do with this?

Thank you