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Total sales before an "end-period" about "actif programs"

Hello all,

Our need is below  :

- #01 :  identify all couple "program / type" actif in a period. Actif significated, having unless one sale in the year.

- #02 : for each couple "program / type" we have to sum all sales about this couple "program / type"  before the end of the current period ( sales performed during the current year and during previous years)


static formule(OK) :

Sum(total <Program,Type> {<Date={"<=$(=makedate(2015,12,31))"}>} Sales)

dynamic formule(KO) :

Sum(total <Program,Type> {<Date={"<=$(=makedate(""DAT_year"",12,31))"}>} Sales)

We have no issue to do this calcul for a fixed year, but when we tru to do this for a year given in dimension we are facing an issue (we think is due to the total)


Thx for you times ,





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Re: Total sales before an "end-period" about "actif programs"

// Ko dynamique
Sum(total <Program,Type> {<Date={"<=$(=makedate(""Year"",12,31))"}>} Sales)


sorry for copy/paste issue : Year is the field and not DAT_Year!!!