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Treemap - coloring by measure, display percentage


I have a problem regarding Treemap and proper display percentage value in tooltip.

Treemap is configured as follows:

Dimension is Brand

Measure is Margin (value)

And there is coloring set "by measure" where I've changed default measure from Margin (value) to another (from Master Items) - Margin (percentage). It works, but the value is displayed without formatting: 0,0525 instead of 5,25%. I can't make that work.

Margin (percentage) is defined as =$(vMarginPerc) while this variable is set during loading script as follows:

LET vMarginPerc= 'num(sum([MarginValue])/sum([SaleValue]), ' & chr(39) & '# ##0,00%' & chr(39) & ')';

Wherever I'm displaying Margin (percentage) with formating set to "auto" it displayes correctly (f.e. KPI's, bar charts, etc) - only in Treemap as color by measure it doesn't want behave as I want...

Any ideas?


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Re: Treemap - coloring by measure, display percentage

I am having the same issue.  I am trying to display the number in percentage in the tooltip using color expression for a column chart but it is not working.  Anyone with an idea?