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New Contributor II

Trigger Qlik sense

Hi everyone,

I have the follow question:

When I open the application and select a preview panel, I want it to assume some filters.

In qlikview on the document properties exist one option to create filter actions when a  document  is opened.

how can i solve the problem?

Best regards,

Élio Godinho

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: Trigger Qlik sense


take a look at this extension, it cat do the trick

GitHub - countnazgul/Qlik-Sense-Styled-Lists-Extension

New Contributor II

Re: Trigger Qlik sense

Hi youssef,

Thanks for the answer.

I do not need objects to use filters.

I only need a way to filter data when I open the application.


Èlio Godinho

Honored Contributor II

Re: Trigger Qlik sense

Maybe to set a default value or trigger....

Use below extension

Qlik Branch

In Settings>Actions>'Select a Value in field'

Valued Contributor

Re: Trigger Qlik sense

We use this extension for this reason. There isn't (AFAIK) a way to set it automatically upon opening, so the user has to click a button, but it is more intuitive than using a bookmark. An alternate solution without extensions is to create a bookmark, when opening the app, you can select to open a bookmark instead of a sheet. Selecting a bookmark sets the filters and opens the sheet on which it was set.

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