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Trying to display text from Excel file based on selection


I am trying to use existing visualizations to display text in one column on an excel table if it exists based on the selection from another column.  Not all rows in the first column have text in the second one, but if it does and it is selected, I want it to display the full text.  Currently I am trying to use the Text and Image visualization, but I have my string field plugged in as a measure and have no aggregation on it so that it displays the text.  This almost works (the information I am trying to have display is an SQL query) except that the comments, written as /* and */ seem to trigger the visualization to display "x000D" instead of the comment.  How can I make this display the comment instead?  Does anyone know why it is changing it?

If there is a better way to do what I am trying to do please let me know.  I tried using just a table and having the second column be the only one and removing null values so only available text would display, however it is truncated and I am not able to make it display the full text.

Thank you for any help