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Typically, how many Qlik environnements are required (dev, QA, prod, etc.) ?


Perhaps this information is available in the on-line documentation, but I was hoping to get experienced feedback from the community on this question.

Fundamental Question : Do we need other environments in Qlik Sense besides a DEV and PROD setup ?

Since Qlik Sense is a "self-service" plateform, is it typically sufficient to only have development and production setups (2 environments with no 3rd QA setup)? 

Meaning, we use the DEV setup for Qlik upgrades soak periods, content management testing by the content managers (i.e. extensions, library components, etc.), and the use of a DEV for complex Qlik applications that use more esoteric integration methods (i.e. AAI, Direct Connect, etc). And, by the same token, we would encourage the use of the PROD environment directly for most basic Qlik Sense application development (hence, by-passing the DEV and QA platform usage when not necessary).

Would this approach make sense, or should we always consider the use of the traditional "trio" of environments : DEV, QA and PROD ?

I am planning on deploying my environments to support more than 4000 users in a production environment (PROD). 

Main concern : Stability of the overall PROD environment due to possible uncontrolled memory usage due to anyone creating applications that load too much data (and have too many concurrent users per application)!!



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