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Unable to load data from QVSource MongoDBConnector to Qlik Sense

I'm completely new to Qlik Sense and evaluating for visualization of my existing data.

I've data in MongoDB9127.0.0.1:27017).

I've created QVSource to extract data from my MongoDB

Now, I've got my QlikSense Load Script:

Now, Im trying to load above data to QlikSense Application for visualizations as follows;

But when try loading data, got error as follows

Can someone tell me what's wrong with my approach?

How to load data from MongoDB to QlikSense Via QVSource?

Thanks in advance,


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Specialist II
Specialist II


I think this page should help:
Disabling Standard Mode In Qlik Sense - QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

Unfortunately Qlik have introduced a change in Qlik Sense (relative to QlikView) means you have to edit a setting in Qlik Sense to allow you to be able to use arbitrary load URLs in the load scripts.

The docs:

https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/index.html#../Subsystems/Hub/Content/LoadData/FileSystemAcc... standard mode

Suggest that this change is due to restricting unwanted file system access so we cannot fully appreciate the reasons for it breaking this loading from HTTP behaviour - this is a common requirement in QlikView and Qlik Sense (it's nothing QVSource specific).

We are trying to persuade Qlik to improve this situation.

See this thread for some more info and comments:
Load Web File dynamically