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Unable to "AddFieldFromExpression" Engine API


I'm trying to use the "AddFieldFromExpression" Engine API method to add a new field in the sample Executive Dashboard. I always get a "qSuccess": false and the new dimension is not getting added. What am I doing wrong here?

If I use one of the macros, say 'List dimensions', it responds with the list. So, I know that the connection exists.

Qlik Sense 3.0


Client 3.15.5

QIX Engine 3.0.0-20160620112442

Service Dispatcher 3.0.0-20160620112620

App Migration Service 4.3.3

Data Preparation Service 3.0.0-20160620112147

Broker Service 4.1.5

Hub Service 0.5.18

Qlik Sense Communication 3.0.0-20160620111808

Qlik Sense Common 3.0.0-20160620111838

Printing Service 3.0.0-20160620112524

.NET SDK 3.0.0-20160620111937

Qlik Sense Browser 4.1.0


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