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I´ve the following scenario:

-) Qlik Sense Server

-) Some data models are created centrally, stored as qvd and able to access via defined data connections by countrie´s key users

Now the local key users should be able to blend the predefined data models with their local data (e.g. XLS files).

This is by default possible by uploading data to the app itself. In this case the XLS files can only be used within this app, but not shared with other (local) apps.

To share the XLS I can now create a new folder on the Qlik Sense server and apply permission to it via a predefined data connection.

In this case I need to give key users access to the folder, via windows UNC share and the issue is that I´ve to additionally maintain the user permissions for those shares.

Does anybody see another solution how to solve this? I think it´s not possible with the built-in functions in Qlik Sense server.

I currently thinking of an individual web application which is using the Qlik API and allows to upload/manage data for their data folders to store XLS and other files.

Would be great if anybody would have further ideas.

BR Thomas

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