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Use Mashup code in another non-qlik web site/app

The documentation on using mashups is confusing to me.  I read that mashups can be used in another web site.  I am not talking about iframe.  The documentation leads me to believe that the source code once initially generated in "DEV-HUB" can be gathered up and include into another web project (not Qlik).  Lets say in my case I want to include the mashup in a Ruby on Rails site.   the HTML file in paticular hase relative references to resource on the original Qlik installation

From Header in .HTML

<script src="../../resources/assets/external/requirejs/require.js"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="../../resources/autogenerated/qlik-styles.css">

Also my app would have no idea about Require.JS resource folders   js/...

Oh and one more this how is security handled and CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

So what are Mashup used for?  How can I use them?  and are there better ways to do this?

Best Regards

Dale Ackerman

Ingram Content Group

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