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User Access of Qlik Sense With In-House ERP

Dear All,

We have planned to integrate Qlik Sense to  our in-house ERP and we were successfully able to provide the Qlik Sense APP link through our application. Our concern is that when the link is clicked it asked for user id and password. Since our user has already logged in to our system , we want Qlik to use the same. These users are not windows user and these users are created in our database.

Kindly let me know the solution for the same.

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Re: User Access of Qlik Sense With In-House ERP

Assuming your in house ERP is web based, These are the basic steps:

  1. Create a new virtual proxy using header or Ticket authentication.
  2. Add a new directory connector to a db table of users in your ERP system and sync. (This will add all userIDs from your ERP database as Qlik users.
  3. From your web based ERP, add a button to open the new virtual proxy url and send the non-AD userid in the header OR using ticketing API.

Here is a video showing using ticketing API