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Using GetFieldSelections in Dynamic Replace Function


I currently use a replace function in Qlik Sense to allow users to select KPIs from a List Box from dynamic expressions in my load script.  EventType is common in all of my formulas so I use a replace function to add in different time flags.

$(=replace(only({1<FormulaOrder={"$(=min(FormulaOrder))"}>} Formula), 'EventType', 'CurrentYearToDate = {1}, EventType'))

I've recently added the date range picker extension and want to leverage the user selection range for current and prior year calculations.

I was thinking I may be able to leverage the GetFieldSelections and a replace function to get what I need.  On top of that I would need to add it into the existing replace function I already use.

I was thinking I could combine the above with this type of replacement but I'm not even close to getting it to work.


End goal would look something like this

$(=replace(only({1<FormulaOrder={"$(=min(FormulaOrder))"}>} Formula), 'EventType', 'CalendarDate =replace((GetFieldSelections(CalendarDate)),[Year(Today())],'Year[Today())-1]), EventType'))

Any ideas?