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Using logs in chart expressions to achieve log scale

Qlik Sense doesn't currently have the option to set an axis of a scatterplot in log scale, so I was trying a workaround by calculating the log values (base 10) in the measure expression:

log10(sum({<[Gross Sales]={">0"}>} [Gross Sales]))

When I do this, though, the scatterplot just...freezes? Not sure how to explain it, but when you go back into view mode on the sheet, the labels along the sales axis disappear, and when you zoom/navigate in the scatterplot, the other axis values re-value accordingly, but the plotted items themselves are frozen and don't move. It's all very glitchy.

I thought at first the error was negative values for Gross Sales, hence my attempt above to exclude negative values. I'm still brand new to QS so maybe something else in my formula is off.

We have many customers whose sales range from a few hundred dollars to tens of millions, so a log scale here would be extremely helpful.