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Variable does not keep the data I enter...


I hope that somebody can help me with this issue in Qlik Sense.

I created a variable in the frontend without an expression. So it is

Next I placed this variable in my app using the extension 'Variable'.

So far so good.

But when I enter a value into this variable field in my app, the typed in data does not hold.

Can anybody tell me why that is ?

Extra information:

I also run Qlik Sense Desktop on my laptop and there everything is functioning perfectly.

I hope anybody can help me with this issue because I really need this function.

Thank you in advance.



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Re: Variable does not keep the data I enter...

Qlik Sense running on a server will not store the content of a variable across sessions. However an extension that allows you to manipulate variables interactively will let you change them during a session within an application. If they don't there must be a bug or that you haven't entered one or more setting correctly.

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Re: Variable does not keep the data I enter...

Thank you Petter, it was a bug indeed.

I downloaded an older version of the extension 'variable' and there with the problem was solved.

No everythins is functioning perfectly.

Thx again.

Greetings, Michle