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Variables for selections

Hello All,

I want to know if i can store selections in a variable using Qliksense? For example i want to make few selections in the applications and store those selections in a variable called v1 and then make few other selections and store in variable v2. Do you think this is possible to do so? I don't want to use bookmarks as that is one of the requirements from business.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Re: Variables for selections

You can probably use GetCurrentSelection() or a similar system function to retrieve the current selection and then store the output to a variable, the bigger issue would be how to restore the selection from the variable.

May I ask why you or business don't want to use bookmarks?


Re: Variables for selections

Hi Swuehl,

We are doing a POC and comparing BI tools. So, one of the use case is to save, retrieve, delete and modify selections made by user without using bookmark object. I know bookmark object can easily fulfill this requirement but business does not want to do so.

Do you think there's a work around for it?

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Re: Variables for selections


I guess you can achieve your requierment with one of this extension availble in Qlik Branch site


Or sense sheet Navigation that's get features like set value ( variable) and / Or apply Bookmark



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