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Vis.js Timeline

Hello everybody. I use the Vis.js timeline to visualize my projects. This is not a problem as long as the database looks like this:

Projekt A02/07/2018
Projekt A05/07/2018
Projekt B


Projekt A12/07/2018
Projekt B04/07/2018
Projekt C01/08/2018
Projekt C08/08/2018

This is displayed clean (with the necessary around it). One project per line with different milestones.

But I would like to have the data recorded as follows:

ProjektMeilenstein 1Meilenstein 2Meilenstein 3
Projekt A02/07/201805/07/201812/07/2018
Projekt B22/06/201804/07/2018
Projekt C01/08/201808/08/2018

I had only thought to convert the Excel with MTrans or whatever. But I am not enough expert for that. I hope you can help me.

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Valued Contributor II

Re: Vis.js Timeline

Hi Ronny,

The solution can be the The Generic Load‌, or:

The next will be just pseudo code:


Load projekt,


         autonumber(projekt&meilenstein) as rnk




load projekt,

        if(rnk=1,meilenstein,null) as meilenstein1,

        if(rnk=2,meilenstein,null) as meilenstein2,

        if(rnk=3,meilenstein,null) as meilenstein3

resident stg1;


load projekt,

     max(meilenstein1) as meilenstein1,

     max(meilenstein2) as meilenstein2,

     max(meilenstein3) as meilenstein3,

resident stg2;

drop table stg1;

drop table stg2;

It works only when you have maximum 3 milestone (ofcourse, you can add extra fields, but it is not so convenient).

Hope this helps.


New Contributor

Re: Vis.js Timeline

Hi Gabor,

Thanks alot for the tip with "Cross Table". This is exactly what I need. And it is easy to use.