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WITH CONNECTION + POST method + custom body message

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a working example of a REST connection using the WITH CONNECTION + POST method + a custom body message.

The online manual shows the following only "as far as I can see":

WITH CONNECTION(Url "https://content.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/calendars/primary/events?key=AIzaS...");

But nothing about how the syntax looks like if we want to add a POST and a body message in the case of a REST connection for example.

Any feedback will be very much appreciated

Regards, Youness

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Re: WITH CONNECTION + POST method + custom body message

Hello everyone,

I got help with my query and here I am sharing the code snippet:




FROM CSV (header off, delimiter ",", quote """") "CSV_source"


  URL "https://hooks.mysite.com/services/XYZXYZXYZ/ETC",

  HTTPHEADER "Content-Type" "application/json",

  BODY "{""text"": ""Posting from loadscript""}"


Enjoy and thumbs up for Alex Karlsson

// Youness

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