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Weightage & Totals in drill down dimension

I am working on Retail Sales Data where we are analyzing the Item Categories with respect to customers (No of Invoices) who bought items with those categories.

The Drill down dimension is : Item Category --> Item Class

I am using standard master calendar:

The below is the sales table format:

Sales Invoice No


Item Code



The Item Master table is as below:

Item Code


Item Category

Item Class

I am using a simple table where I am showing for each Drill down category the weightage of customers;

ie :

Sum(aggr(  (No of Customers buying items in this category) / (Total No of Customers),  [Item Category]))

Infact there is a requirement from the customer to show the totals of percentages. (and that could go beyond 100).

Now when I drill down to Item Class; the figures are not correct. The table should show the weightage of customers of Item class with respect to all customers. (All classes in All Categories). whereas it just shows 100%.

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