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What a customer orders next qliksense


I have a table that contain data of customers that order products from different departments

ID    date            department  ordernumber

1  01/01/2009  bakery            1

01/01/2009  clothing          1

3  01/01/2009  living               1

01/01/2009  comms           1

05/01/2009  bakery             2

07/01/2009  clothing          2

01/01/2009  bakery             1

I have a chart showing number of orders made for each department

How do I on a second chart show if I filter on a department  show the next department they ordered from

As at the moment if I pick bakery on the top chart

It shows bakery only for second orders on the second chart.. I want to show which department they ordered next from

Basically show trend where a customer orders next from

Please help

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Re: What a customer orders next qliksense

Can you share sample app having charts you have made so far.

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Re: What a customer orders next qliksense


I cant sorry... but basically chart one has the dimension - Department

the set analysis of  count({$<ordernumber={"1"}>} ID)

but I want the second chart to filter on what customers ordered next

so what type department do customers go to next for their second order... so if clothing on chart one... it will show me on chart two, ID 2 went to bakery

please help

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