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What to pass to qvangular.promise()!?

Hello everyone,

Can someone kindly share an example of selectdialog.js    Note sure what to pass to qvangular.promise()

Many thanks


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Re: What to pass to qvangular.promise()!?

Hello Youness,

my solution looks like this:


getPreview: function( /*databaseName, ownerName, tableName*/ ) {

return serverside.sendJsonRequest("getPreview").then(function (response) {

   return qvangular.promise(response.qPreview);



On the serverside I'm using the Qvx SDK. In the QvxServer I'v overwritten the HandleJsonRequest, which is handling the JsonRequests.

   if (method.Equals("getPreview"))


     var result = new PreviewResponse();

     // Store the table Header (my table has two columns)

     var row = new PreviewRow();




     // Store the values

     row = new PreviewRow();




     row = new PreviewRow();



     return result;


The PreviewResponseClass is defined like this:

   public class PreviewRow


       public PreviewRow()


            this.qValues = new List<string>();


      public List<string> qValues { get; set; }



   public class PreviewResponse: QvDataContractResponse


       public PreviewResponse(): base()


            this.qPreview = new List<PreviewRow>();


       public List<PreviewRow> qPreview { get; set; }


I hope that will help you.

Kind Regards,


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Re: What to pass to qvangular.promise()!?

Hi Thorsten,

It was my pleasure talking to you the other day, sorry if it took me sometime to reply. I meant to thank you sincerely for sharing your implementation for both JS and .NET. Personally this reminds me of the west coast culture in CA, USA back in the 60s - 70s a culture that was built around open source, do it yourself and empowering others through knowledge sharing, thumb up.

Beams of Light by TRSI - YouTube


// Youness

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