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Why can't I open Qlik Sense Apps on my new PC?

I just got a new computer and I'm trying to move everything from my old computer, including the Qlik Sense apps.

Unfortunately, many of them won't load. As I clik on them, Qlik Sense will stay forever like this:


At this point I'm kind of desperate because I've tried pretty much everything. The Qlik Sense version is exactly the same on both computers (3.1 SR3), and on the other one the app loads just fine. Also, both computers run under Windows 7 64 bit.

What could possibly be wrong? In case it helps, I'm experiencing a very similar problem with QlikView, but I'm opening a different thread for that. In that case, what I get is an error popup when I try to open apps that work perfeclty fine in the old computer. Again, same version for everything.

Thank you very much and best regards.

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Re: Why can't I open Qlik Sense Apps on my new PC?

I find it very strange that both your qlikview documents and your qlik sense apps can't be opened. Are you sure the files haven't been corrupted during the copying from one machine to the other? Or perhaps something with the security settings of the files? Did you transfer those files in a zip archive? Perhaps you need to unblock those files so that windows knows it should trust them.

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Re: Why can't I open Qlik Sense Apps on my new PC?

I am assuming that you are using the Personal Edition.

I am also assuming that you copied your qvf files to the same folder on the new computer where they lived on the old computer?

If that is all true then I would agree with Gysbert that there is a security issue on the new computer.  Try copying a word doc or some kind of file into the same folder and then see if you can open that.

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