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Work in QV But does not work in QS ?

HI All

i have a QV Doc , which is working fine on Inventory analysis.  I can select dimension dynamic for example Brand , Product Class , Model.

And it will display the report for Avg Stock Amt Sold in one column and 2 nd column I display Stock Amount On Hamd. And Last column I display the Turn ratio.

WHen I read the above QV QVW file to QS , it work fine for all other report, except for the above report it  me some error.

THe issue in QS is I am using QS extension Variable to replace QV Diamension.  When I display inventory by Brand it display okay , problem happen when I drill in Brand = BECKHOFF , and when I select Product Class , QS also turn on filter on company. Which cause the report display wrong value.

NOw I can solve the issue by manually remove the filter by company.

may be some one can give me advise . As user will it be aware of remove filter by company .


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