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add condition in set analysis?

I have the following expression for top 10 Customers

count({<[Customer Name]={"=rank(count(total <[Customer Name]> [Ticket No]))<=10"}>}[Ticket No])

I want to add the following two condition in expression

1) Customer_type=Customer

2) WildMatch(GROUP,'*operations*')=1

Thanks in advance.

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Re: add condition in set analysis?

Perhaps this does what you want:

count({<[Customer_type]={'Customer'},GROUP={'*operations*'} [Customer Name]={"=rank(count(total <[Customer Name]> [Ticket No]))<=10"}>}[Ticket No])

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Re: add condition in set analysis?

or this:

Count({<[Customer_type]={'Customer'},GROUP={'*operations*'}, [Customer Name]={"=Rank(Count(TOTAL <[Customer Name]> {<[Customer_type]={'Customer'},GROUP={'*operations*'}>} [Ticket No]))<=10"}>} [Ticket No])

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