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additional Information for data point in a chart

Hey guys,

I am christian from Leipzig - DE and I am a "Qlik Sense"-beginner.

I try to visualize some measurments in a line diagramm per time. The dimension should be the timesstamp of the readings but I also want to show a "producition number" in the mouseover-information-area for each data point.

pic1.jpgadditional information

I tried to add timestamp and production number as dimension. After that the data were grouped by timestamp our production number. Is there a solution to add the production number as "hidden dimension"?

Kind regards


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Re: additional Information for data point in a chart

not entirely clear on requirement but try dual function and add production number to text part.
but my question is if production number isnt a dimension wont there be multiple production numbers per data point?
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Re: additional Information for data point in a chart

Thanks for your quick answer. First I try to define the requirement:

The productionnumber is an spezific ID for one car. I measure some geometric parameters of each produced car and I want to visualize them in a line diagram.

The reading should be presented as value over timestamp. So the expression ist the value "SPUR_HR" and the dimension is the timestamp "Zeitstempel". Additionally I need to know which productnumber "PID" each datapoint (one datapoint is one measurement for one car) has. Therefor I would like to use the "Mousover"-Function in the line diagram.

As  suggested I tried to use the dual() function -->  Dual(Text(PID), SPUR_HR) as PIDSPURHR and PIDSPURHR as new Expression. The view in the Datamanger shows the text "PID" and the diagram shows SPUR_HR. But how can i show the text PID for each datapoint?

Bild1.jpgPIDSPURHR shows SPUR_HR but not the PIDBild2.jpgdatamanger shows only the PID