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count from current day and prior 7 days

hi qlik 


i have request to achieve count of Appointment beside on user selection from max date and 7 days prior also 

count of Appointment  from  7 days prior to 14 days prior 


my set analysis is as following :

count ({<MASTER_DATE={">=$(=max(MASTER_DATE_PRIOR_7))<=$(=max(MASTER_DATE))"}>} appointment_appt_code)


please help


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Re: count from current day and prior 7 days


If the date field that user selected is "MASTER_DATE", please try to use below expression, it works in my desktop:

count ({<MASTER_DATE={"<=$(=date(max(MASTER_DATE)))>=$(=date(max(MASTER_DATE)-7))"}>} appointment_appt_code)

Please make sure the format of  date(max(MASTER_DATE)) is same with MASTER_DATE, 

if not, please use date() to adjust it.

Please try.

Aiolos Zhao

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