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exclude nulls on table chart


I have tried these following ways to show in a table chart on a qlik sense sheet only the CustomerIDs that have null for Department_Catering

Count({<Department_Catering= {"=Len(Trim(Department_Catering)) > 0"}>}CustomerID)

this above gives the answer to all that has a Department_Catering, but I want the ones that do not

if I do this

Count({<Department_Catering -= {"=Len(Trim(Department_Catering)) > 0"}>}CustomerID)

I get no records

please help

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Re: exclude nulls on table chart

May be try this:

Count({<CustomerID = {"=Len(Trim(Department_Catering)) = 0"}>}CustomerID)

Contributor III

Re: exclude nulls on table chart


this brings back all CustomerID, giving a 1 to all the null records for Department_Catering and 0 to the others

how do I limit the records shown in the table to just the ones with the 1 count please?

please help

Re: exclude nulls on table chart

Uncheck 'Show Zero Values under Add-Ons -> Data handling