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expression issue with qliksense 1.1.0 Date & time fields

Hi everyone,

Using the current version of qliksense 1.1.0 i have implemented new feature  Date & time fields in my app.

Its working fine and new fields are getting created after declaration and derive.

i referred to the blog Qlik Sense – Date & Time

I found out this issue. When i try to nullify any filter, its still getting filtered.

Ex- My month field created is OrderDate.Calender.Month & i need to show sales value irrespective of month selection so my expression is :

sum( {< [OrderDate.Calender.Month] = >} Sales)

But still Sales value is getting changed on selection of any month values.

Kindly, let me know if its a bug or some expression issue, or is there any other alternative.


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Re: expression issue with qliksense 1.1.0 Date & time fields

It's a bug. Sorry about that. See also http://community.qlik.com/message/721885