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how to filter visualizations that lack measures via a button

I am working in Qlik Sense 3.2.  I have an app in which I want to filter all visualizations via a button.  After reading similar posts, it seems that the way to do this is to have the button set a variable, and then use this variable in a set expression in the corresponding visualizations.  This means that the affected visualizations must have at least one measure present.  My situation is a bit different, though.  While many of my visualizations have measures (i.e., I can use set expressions in these measures), some of them do not.  In particular, I have several table visualizations that have nothing but dimensions.  How can I filter these table visualizations via the button?  And, more generally, is there a more efficient method for filtering all visualizations via a button, as the current solution would involve implementing a set expression in all visualizations that have measures and implementing some solution for those that do not?  If not, that's okay.

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