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how to give section access by two fields ?

Hi all

I have an qliksense application, i have to give section access to the users

I want to give some users access by category and some users by sector.

for eg 

i want to give 40 users access by category , and 60 users access by sector

How should i create section access file for this application ?

Can anyone help me in this ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: how to give section access by two fields ?

Someone else may have a better idea, but here's what I might do:

Section Access:


Load * Inline [


JOE, USER, 1, 1,

MATT, USER 1, 2,

SUE, USER, 2, 2,


Section Application:


Load CATEGORY, [all other fields]

From ...;


Load SECTOR, [all other fields]

From ...;

Notes about this:

  • I have only put one field into a section access table; hopefully putting in two (CATEGORY and SECTOR) works. If not, then create a new field that is the key; it could be CATEGORY & '_' & SECTOR As csKey, and load it into the users table as well as Categories and Sectors tables.
  • Be sure to capitalize all section access fields and values, if string.
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