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how to plot 2015 data as 2016 data in a chart...stumped

Hello, I have been making great progress with implementing Qlik for my company but am just stumped on what is most likely a simple solution.  I do not have any sample code but believe just a quick explanation will be sufficient.

Basically I am plotting weekly sales units data on a line chart, showing all of 2015, and 2016 Year to Date.  I would like to plot a 3rd line that would be 2016 data up to the current week (that I have stored as a variable called vMaxWeek) and continue the plot with 2015 data points with xx% lift (let's assume 30%, *1.3, for this example).  So basically I'm intending to plot a full year of 2016 sales with actuals and projected based on a calculated lift of 2015 data.

I was trying to accomplish with the following expression, but just need help with the concept of getting these data points to plot all as 2016 data.  With this expression, weeks 37 thru 52 with the 30% lift are plotting in year 2015, and the actuals for 2016 are plotting after  in weeks 1 thru 36  of 2016.  I need to find a way to get the projected sales data point to plot in weeks 37 thru 52 of 2016.  hope you can help talk me thru it!

Here's the expression:

if ( [Fiscal Week] > vMaxWeek ,

Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={$(=vMaxYear-1)}>} [POS Units]*1.3),

Sum({$<[Fiscal Year]={$(=vMaxYear)}>} [POS Units])


//POS Units  is a field in the fact table indicating the number of units sold in a given period

//Fiscal Week is the week of data in my fact table

//Fiscal Year is another field in the Fact table

//vMaxWeek and vMaxYear and both Variables I calculate from my calendar table.

//currently vMaxWeek = 36  and  vMaxYear = 2016

I could also get by with just plotting the projected sales, week 37 thru end of year, with the [POS Units]*1.3....Just need them to show up on the plot as 2016 data points and not 2015.  Hope you can help me see this the right way!!

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