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Contributor II
Contributor II

how to save app in qliksense using node js

I am using  DoSave method for saving the app.

the code is like this

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": 6,
"method": "DoSave",
"handle": 1,
"params": [
and i am getting error like this
jsonrpc: '2.0',
id: 6,
error: {
code: -32602,
parameter: 'Invalid handle',
message: 'Invalid Params'
please can anybody help to sort out the problem
1 Reply

If you are connected to an app you shouldn't need to specify the file parameter. But it looks like you are getting an error because it doesn't know what to save.

Try something like this:

	"handle": 1,
	"method": "DoSave",
	"params": {
		"qFileName": "2503772b-54ca-4d4c-b7c7-4e563d68ee08"


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