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if else qlikview expression

I want to write a if else sum qlikview expression in pivot table. Please advise. my concept is as per below:

IF [Bill Type] = {'S1'}. [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'}

     then SUM ([KONV_KWERT]*-1)

ELSE [Bill Type] = {'ZLG2'}. [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'}

     then SUM ([KONV_KWERT]*-1)

ELSE [Bill Type] = {'ZLRE'}. [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'}

     then SUM ([KONV_KWERT]*0)

Please advise the correct statement.

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Re: if else qlikview expression

Is the last condition just 0? Sum([KONV_KWERT]*0)... Anything multiplied with 0, will be 0, right? Also, the first two conditions look the same... may be you just need this

Sum({<[Bill Type] = {'S1', 'ZLG2'}, [KSCHL]={'Z1PR'}>}[KONV_KWERT]*-1)

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