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making a calendar from a datetime


I have some problems with a date time value that i am loading in qlik sense. For some reason qlik sense doesn`t recognize it anymore as a date time value. i have loaded the exact same data previously in my other dashboard and qlik sense recognized it as a date time and made a automated calendar of it. 

if you want to try it yourself, this is the data that i am using https://syntheticmass.mitre.org/fhir/Observation?_count=100

i am loading this through the REST connector, with the authentication settings on anonymous. 

These are pictures of the data that are recognized as date time:

3e probleem werkt.PNGit shows a differnt kind of table property 'tijdelijk /temporary'3e probleem werk.2.PNGwhat i want

these are the pictures of the dashboard that isn`t working anymore: 

3e probleem werkt niet.PNG3e probleem.PNGdifferent kind of property (measurement)

Is there something in the settings of qlik sense that i need to change?

Regards, Gino 

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Re: making a calendar from a datetime


I found a solution for my problem. It was easier than i thought. I don`t think that this is the best solution, because i want it to be automated by Qlik sense. But what i have now works for me. 

i just typed this: =year(effectiveDateTime) in the Fx dimension. This only gives back the years of the timestamp. it`s al little more work if you want to have a drill down on month, day etc. but it works. I found this solution with help of this site: 


Hopefully this helps other people with the same problem. 

As i said this isn`t the best solution, but if someone has some more suggestions, feel free to comment.

Regards, Gino