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need to change calculated dimension to reduce complexity

Hi, I have two dimension and two expressions.

The expressions are:

1. Sum of sales

2. Sum of total sales

And dimensions are:

1. Sales Person Name

2. Global Business Unit

I need to create straight table to display this data and I need to display top 5 Sales Person name based on sum of sales.

I am using aggr and rank function to create calculated dimension.

I have created two calculated dimension. One for Sales person name and another for Global Business Unit.

Now my complexity is increased which I do not want.

I am trying to use direct field names in dimension and restricting the values using Dimension limit tab. But the problem is for Global Business Unit field. Since I am restricting it also but I am getting 5 values for each Sales Person Name.

How can I get the top global business unit name for each sales person name.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: need to change calculated dimension to reduce complexity

It might help to look at a sample... can you share a sample or some raw data to explore this?